‘Build back better’ immigration provisions will cripple US wages – InsideSources


Faced with the worst border crisis in our nation’s history, the Biden administration and its congressional allies try to rush immigration changes through the “Build Back Better” reconciliation bill . It will continuously flood the labor market with cheaper foreign workers who will cripple Americans’ wages and employment opportunities.

The bill accomplishes this overhaul of immigration through a massive “light amnesty” of millions of illegal aliens as well as significant increases in permanent legal immigration for at least 10 years. Together, Americans from top to bottom of the economic ladder will be at a disadvantage, as excess labor drives wages down in all fields and America’s most vulnerable workers will eventually be sidelined because it there are not enough jobs for everyone.

Last week, the United States House of Representatives passed its version of “Build Better” which includes a 10-year “light amnesty” in the form of work permits, social security numbers, eligibility for benefits. social benefits and the possibility of obtaining a driving license for 4 to 5 million illegal aliens. This reflects the “modest” counter-proposal after the Senate parliamentarian already canceled the amnesty bonus, which means lawful permanent resident status (green card) and a path to eventual US citizenship covering $ 8 million. illegal aliens.

The Washington Post calls it “the largest mass legalization program for undocumented migrants in US history.”

The illegal foreign population tends to be less skilled and less educated, which means that once amnestied, they will be in direct competition for jobs at the lower end of the economic ladder. This hurts Americans who tend to be marginalized workers, minorities, and the less skilled and less educated. These Americans tend to be the last to enter the workforce during economic booms and the first to be laid off during economic downturns.

Americans with a university education, including those with advanced degrees, will experience a similar situation. The manna of legal immigration is less obvious than the amnesty because the provisions are hidden behind opaque legislative language that gives the impression that these provisions are only minimal adjustments in the margins.

One such example is the misleadingly called “unused visa clawback” which bypasses the annual number limit of green cards without appearing to be. In fact, this is an immigration accounting scam that ignores the current green card formula. It could immediately add up to 800,000 more green cards to the 1.1 million foreigners who obtain lawful permanent resident status each year.

Incredibly, this total seems modest compared to a separate provision that effectively allows an unlimited number of foreigners already in the country to adjust their status to lawful permanent residents, fully exempt from annual limits and country caps set by Congress. . In exchange for just $ 5,000 in fees paid by the sponsoring employer, a foreigner who has waited at least two years for their green card to be available can skip the line.

The big winner here is Big Tech and other companies that routinely discriminate against American workers by exploiting several loopholes in the H-1B program. Less obvious is that this same provision would allow employers to directly apply for employment-based green cards for an unlimited number of international students.

The prospect of an expedited green card and a path to U.S. citizenship is the most lucrative in-kind benefit an employer can offer a foreign worker. This inherently weighs against Americans, as foreign workers will rationally choose lower wages and working conditions in exchange for a permanent life in the United States. It’s a victory for overseas, a victory for employers looking for a permanent supply of cheap foreign labor, and the obvious losers are American workers who risk no longer being able to find jobs. jobs covering mortgages, student debt or the like. support their families.


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