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Credit defaults

The following actions have been brought by credit card companies, or their collection agencies, for alleged defaults on credit card / loan accounts.

OneMain Financial Group, Evansville, Indiana, filed an action against Javier C. Guzman, 91 E. Vernon St., Summit Hill, asking for $ 8,236.49.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Fort Washington, filed the following actions: Carl J. Buchola, 950 Koch Road, Kunkletown, claiming $ 6,611.63; Ryan D. Bedford, 132 Saginaw Drive, Jim Thorpe, looking for $ 21,433.18; Valerie Courrier, 903 Oak Grove Drive, Lehighton, looking for $ 9,910.58; and Chad M. Hanitsch, 32 Spokane Road, Albrightsville, seeking $ 9,282.15.

Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina, filed an action against Francis J. Cervasio Jr., 23 E. Market St., Tresckow, asking for $ 3,343.98.

Cavalry SPV I, Valhalla, New York, filed the following actions: Frank T. Molenaar, 118 Carbon St., Lehighton, seeking $ 1,637.17; and Christopher L. Wakefield, 5740 N. Lehigh Gorge Road, Weatherly, seeking $ 4,016.32.

Discover Bank, Bensalem, brought an action against Heather L. Aaron, 426 Franklin Ave., Palmerton, claiming $ 2,551.81.

Citibank, Fort Washington, filed an action against Chad M. Hanitsch, 32 Spokane Road, Albrightsville, claiming $ 4,746.25.

Loan default

The First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union, 6126 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown, sued Carl E. Mondero, 799 E. Main St., Weatherly, alleging he had failed to honor a loan contract. The amount sought is $ 11,281.17 plus interest, costs and fees.

Mortgage foreclosures

The following actions have been filed as mortgage foreclosures for alleged defaults on loans.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, c / o 3020 Old Ranch Parkway, Seal Beach, Calif., Filed an action against April Cordts, Esq., 391 Nazareth Pike, Bethlehem, as administrator of the estate of Edward E. Williams, deceased, on property at 578 Fairyland Road, Lehighton. The amount sought is $ 93,918.28 and the interest continues.

Ajax Mortgage Loan Trust, c / o 18 Campus Blvd., Newtown Square, brought an action against Robert Eckhart, 170 Horseshoe Lane, Lehighton, for a property at this address. The wanted value is $ 155,318.48 and the interest continues.

Reverse Mortgage Funding, c / o 3600 Horizon Drive, King of Prussia, has filed an action against Bart E. Blakesley, 1035 Green St., Lehighton, for a property at this address. The wanted value is $ 275,511.32 and the interest continues.

Credit agreement

Trust Bank, c / o 4251 Fayetteville Road, Lumberton North Carolina, sued Andrew Trayer, 249 W. Patterson St., Lansford, alleging that he had breached a credit agreement “contract”. The amount sought is $ 17,658.97 plus interest, costs and fees.


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