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Makeup day? Hmm … words can mean a lot of different things. Maybe today you have to reconcile for something that happened in the week (or did not happen). On the other hand, maybe today is the only day for make up. Remember that the Broken is here with the light and the local news no matter what!

Find out what the Breeze has today: all about the crazy motorcycles built by a local Casper, get all the details on friends and family involved in the Funky Junk, and read about the nine candidates who proudly represent Casper.

Casper should see a maximum 84 ° F today with sunny skies. This Broken come from S at 10 to 15 mph.

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Daily update

Jaron Tyner, left, and Tyrell Marlow pose with the “Coconut Express” at the Bonneville Salt Flats sign in Utah. (Courtesy of Tyrell Marlow)

Fast and furious motorcycles!

Casper Tyrell marlow and his team rebuilt motorcycles to break world records in Boneville salt marshes Race. These ready bicycles can pass 120 miles an hour! NS ! Let’s hear it for Casper leading the way!

The article continues below …

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Saybin and Heather Corra from Corra’s Crafty Creations (Contributed by Corra’s Crafty Creations)

Funky Junk Brought to you by the locals

Have you heard of funky junk happening this saturday? The craft fair will feature our own friends and family! Let’s go support the people of Casper!

See the story here!

Top Row, Left to Right: Zarryn Hinchen, Jacqueline Anderson, Wes Connell Center Row: Dennis Rollins, Jai-Ayla Quest, Kimberly Holloway Bottom Row: John Minchow, David Hulshizer, Shannon O’Quinn (Screenshots via City of Casper, Youtube)

Nine candidates paint a portrait of Casper

Each of candidates spent years at Casper. Young people, old people, fathers and mothers, the candidates shared many visions they have for the community. The Casper community never fails to impress me!

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Breezy jobs

Customer service representative

Mountain West Technologies Corporation is seeking a Full-time customer service representative who will be responsible for answer incoming customer support calls, data center monitoring, provide level 1 customer support, off-site support technicians, and report faults at the points of contact.

Customer relationship management representative

Hilltop National Bank is looking for a Full-time representative in customer relationship management. Their responsibilities will be to provide personalized banking services to potential and existing customers. The position will identify customer needs and recommend the financial products and services, as well as opening and managing checks, savings, term deposits, HSAs, and IRAs.

Administrative Assistant – Pension plans

Hilltop National Bank is looking for a Full-time administrative assistant – Pension plans who helps Pension plan trust agent in the management of account files services. This person will assist in the administration of employee benefit accounts including 401 (k) and profit sharing plans, assist the agent in meeting service needs related to retirement plans, and prepare the participant communication for loans and distributions.

Administrative Assistant – Personal Trusts

Hilltop National Bank is looking for a Full-time Administrative Assistant – Personal Trusts who provides administrative support to a designated trust agent, including the preparation of investment portfolio reviews, investment portfolio research and realignment as requested. They will also be prepare data for transaction processing and retrieve and compile data for accounts.

Head cashier

Hilltop National Bank is looking for a full-time senior cashier who will do the verification and savings deposits and withdrawals, cross-sell banking services, accept loan repayments and approve items under pre-arranged limits and guidelines. Various other tasks assigned by the supervisor. Excellent customer service skills and ability to numbers is a MUST!

Benefits management

Wyoming Machinery Company is seeking a Full-time benefits administration who will be responsible for daily benefits operations including all benefits reporting and billing. They will also treat employee and supplier issues.

Check out the latest Breezy events happening this week in our personally curated community calendar! This week we have the Oil Bowl, Funk Junk, Hash Browns and Hot Rods, live music, hiking and yoga! Discover these events HERE!

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Whichever way you interpret it, have a wonderful makeup Friday!

The best of your Breezy Girls,
Tayler and Kelly

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