Product Showcase: The AUSSIE Brokerage Platform from AmeriSave


Big data and predictive analytics play an important role in programming and functionality, he said, along with data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning “and evidence-based decision making.” common rules in its basic form”. Also on the program: OCR process (optical character recognition), text mining and natural language processing. Additionally, the company continues to integrate its platform with several third-party systems via APIs, including agencies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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AmeriSave is looking for service providers who can do system-to-system integration capabilities using APIs and data, not just documents or an Excel spreadsheet, Sarma said.

“They should give it to us in a machine-readable, digestible and understandable form and format that is the source of factual information, not the destination,” he explained. “A claimant who is an employee of a company receives [his or her] pay stub and is the recipient of it, but we try to go to the source of the data and integrate with systems that can provide us with fraud-free data from the source.

When AmeriSave identified the need for what became AUSSIE, they decided to build it in-house to increase efficiency and be more cost effective than bringing in expensive outside experts.


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